ExoFit NEX – Oil and Gas Positioning/Climbing Harness – Front, Back & Side D-rings – 18-inch d-ring extension – Rigid seat sling – Tongue buckle legs – Connection for 1003221 derrick belt

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  • 18″ back d-ring extension
  • Rigid seat sling
  • Front, back and positioning (side) d-rings
  • Reflective materials
  • Tongue-buckle Leg / Pass-thru chest
  • Use with 1003221 derrick belt – must order separately
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18″ back D-ring extension, belt with pad and back D-ring, rigid seat sling with positioning D-rings, tongue buckle legs and connection for 1003221 derrick belt, comfort padding

  • 18″ extension back D-ring extension, front D-ring
  • Body belt/hip pad with PVC-coated aluminum back D-ring
  • Removable seat sling w/ suspension rings
  • Integrated derrick belt connection ( must order 1003221 derrick belt separately )
  • Tongue-buckle leg straps, pass-thru chest connection
  • Lanyard keepers, trauma straps and reflective materials
Climbing harness falling protection

Climbing Harnesses

Climbing harnesses are designed for people who work at great heights - and climb up using a ladder.

Thing is, ladder work can be a bit awkward which is why climbing harnesses include a front D-ring for connection to a ladder climbing system.

Ladder climbing systems allow professionals to climb/descend quickly without worrying about the fall (the system will protect you!)

If you are looking for a ladder climbing system - we recommend the Lad-Saf system.


Positioning Harnesses

Positioning harnesses have a set of side D-rings for hands-free work as well as a back D-ring for fall arrest.

The side D-rings are used in construction with a positioning lanyard - attaching directly to the supporting structure and back into the side D-rings. This type of lanyard is ideal if you will find yourself needing both hands while being suspended mid-air.

In short - positioning harnesses include two side D-rings which can be used to support your body weight while you work at height.



ExoFit NEX harnesses are the most advanced in the industry. They are the combined experience of over 30 years, inventing, innovating and redesigning the product until it is perfect. True to the mission of 3M™ DBI-SALA®, these harnesses are manufactured using ultra-lightweight materials to maximize user comfort.

ExoFit NEX harnesses are the go-to harness when it comes to speed and efficiency. These harnesses provide a revolutionary sense of freedom and user confidence to maximize your potential. ExoFit NEX harnesses are built to last, using only the highest quality, lightweight materials to provide ultimate comfort, function and durability.

  • Moisture wicking padding on shoulder, back and legs
  • Rigid belt loops prevent equipment pouches from sagging and reduce abrasion
  • Aluminum D-rings minimizes a users load to save on energy, morale and maximize productivity.
  • Spring-loaded stand up back D-ring allows users to stop wasting time re-adjusting.
  • Repel webbing is resistant to moisture, preventing mold and dirt.

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Mpn1113295, 1113296, 1113297, 1113298
Gtin840779008155, 840779008162, 840779008179, 840779008186
Weight11.2 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 12 in

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