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  • 3M™ DBI-SALA® Suspended Workman's Chair 3M Product Number 1001378, 3M ID 70007401774

    1001378 – Suspended Workman’s Chair – 15″ x 18″ x 0.75″ rigid board, Suspension Rings, Adjustable, Tool Bags

  • 3M™ DBI-SALA® 2D Lineman Belt

    2D Lineman Belt – Includes two S-shaped floating D-rings, Tool Snaps, Metal ID Plate, Adjustable

  • 4D Lineman Belt – Four D-rings, Support seat, Gut strap, Metal ID plate, Tool snaps & rings, Tape thong

  • Boatswain Chair Work Seat – 3M DBI-SALA

  • Boatswain Chair Work Seat with Cushion and Side Snaps – 3M DBI-SALA

  • Derrick Belt – For working on tubing & monkey board, Front d-rings, Rigid belly pad, Pass-thru style, Polyester/nylon materials

  • Derrick Positioning Belt with Pass-Thru Suspension Strap Harness Connector, Yellow, Universal – 3M DBI-SALA 1000570

  • 3M™ DBI-SALA® ExoFit NEX™ Miner's Tongue Buckle Belt 1000746, Medium, 1 EA 3M Product Number 1000746, 3M ID 70007400610

    ExoFit NEX Miner’s Tongue Buckle Belt – Grommeted miner’s gear straps, Attach tool pouches

  • 3M™ DBI-SALA® ExoFit™ Tongue Buckle Belt 1000716, Large, 1 EA 3M Product Number 1000716, 3M ID 70007401444

    ExoFit Tongue Buckle Belt – Adjustable, For attachment to Tool Pouches

  • PROTECTA Tongue Buckle Belt – Includes: Back d-ring, Grommeted miner’s straps, Adds tool pouches, Easy adjustment

  • Suspension Work Seat – 3M DBI-SALA

  • 3M™ DBI-SALA® Seat Sling with Belt Loops 1001090, Universal, 1 EA 3M Product Number 1001090, 3M ID 70007402426

    Universal Seat Sling with Belt Looks, 8″ nylon web seat sling, Suspension D-ring, Attachment Loops – 3M DBI-SALA

  • 3M™ DBI-SALA® Delta™ Tongue Buckle Belt 1000005, X-Large, 1 EA 3M Product Number 1000005, 3M ID 70007400867

    X100 Tongue Buckle Belt – Back D-ring, Steel Grommets, Adjustable Fit

  • 1000162 DBI-SALA® Delta™ Tongue Buckle Belt

    X100 Tongue Buckle Belt – Floating D-ring, Steel Grommets, Adjustable Fit

  • 3m dbi-sala fall protection delta tounge buckle belt

    X100 Tongue Buckle Belt – Side D-rings, Steel Grommets, Adjustable Fit

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    A body belt is ideal when there is 0% CHANCE OF FREE-FALL and a harness is ideal when that chance of fall exists. A work-seat MUST be used with a full-body harness.

    A fall protection belt is ideally for positioning, restraining or other situations with 0% chance of a free-fall.

    Choosing the right body belt or work-seat

    Consider some of the following when choosing a body belt or work seat:

    • Work Positioning – Body belts are great for positioning, they often include fixed d-ring which can be used with a lanyard to sustain the user in a specific position.
    • Restraint – Some body-belts include a fixed back OR floating D-rings which can be used to anchor the user and protect against a leading edge.
    • Back & Tool Support – Most of the belts provide FANTASTIC back support and over allow attachment of additional storage containers.
    • Suspension – Work-seats are specifically built for suspension but MUST BE used in conjunction with a complete fall arrest system (Anchor, Body Support & Connector).

    See all 3M Fall Protection Body Belts & Work seats

    • Tongue-buckle Belts – Easy to fit and can accommodate a large variety of sizes, shapes and clothing options.
    • Lineman Belts – Designed to provide comfort, freedom of movement and be easy-to-use for most pole-climbing applications.
    • Derrick Belts – For those working on monkey or tubing board, they are designed to attach to a variety of derrick-style harnesses and feature front rings for use with a positioning lanyard.
    • Work seats – Are useful for inspection work, window washing and other maintenance..