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Rollgliss RPD

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  • Rope system can be raised, lowered and locked into place
  • Manually controlled ascent/descent
  • Available in 3:1 & 4:1 lifting ratio designs
  • Pre-rigged system is installed and used for rescue in minutes
  • Speed-sensing braking system kicks in if the user falls
  • Compact and lightweight design can be stored and easily transported between job sites
1 Device, 2 Purposes.

The RPD (Rescue Positioning Device) can be used for work positioning or as a rescue device. The rope can be raised, lowered and locked into place so a user can be positioned for work. Ideal for every from window washers to rescue teams.

Simple, quick rescue – no special skills required.

Universal design can allows the RPD rescue/positioning device to be used by just about anyone. Controls are simple, no special skills are required and the device is shipped pre-rigged for instant installation. The simple controls are ideal for use in stressful situations like rescues.