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Rescue ladder

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During a rescue, every moment counts so the quicker you scale the ladder the quicker the rescue is complete

Rigid staggered steps

Rigid steps give the ladder rungs the backbone required to withstand your heavy stomps as you quickly descent to save the rescue victim.

Combine to increase length

This 8ft rescue ladder can be combined with itself to increase the entire length of the ladder.
Carabiners on the top connect to the loops at the bottom.

Use with davit arm

The rescue ladder is ideal where rescue teams are unavailable or confined spaces. The ladder can be attached to a davit arm using the optional anchor plate, providing a stable ladder to descend down vertical tight spaces like manholes.

Fantastic for vertical confined spaces

Combine the rescue ladder & anchor plate, to attach the one-piece davit arm system (or single-point anchorage structure).

Rollgliss rescue ladder8516294
Anchorage plate for Rollgliss™ rescue ladder for single point anchorage structures. - Order 8516294 Rollgliss™ rescue ladder separately - 3M™ DBI-SALA® Rollgliss™ Rescue Ladder Rescue Ladder Anchor 8516316, 1 EARescue ladder anchor plate8516316