Confined Space Entry/Retrieval

Safely Navigate Confined Spaces with Confidence: Venturing into confined spaces requires specialized expertise and reliable equipment. At Michigan Safety Products of Flint, we understand the unique challenges of confined space entry. Our comprehensive solutions ensure secure entry and exit, allowing workers to perform tasks efficiently and safely. From top-quality harnesses to advanced gas detection systems, our products are designed to protect lives in challenging environments. Trust us to provide the tools you need for successful confined space operations. Your safety is our priority

Self Retracting Lifelines

Stay Secure at Heights with Self Retracting Lifelines: Our cutting-edge Self Retracting Lifelines (SRLs) are your ultimate safety companions when working at heights.

Engineered Modular Unit

The EMU system can be put together by a single (qualified) individual, the mast inserted into the base and then picked up by your favorite large tractor capable of moving more than 5000 lbs. The base features forklift pockets in each side, making it quite easy to position in narrow spaces like between two semi-trucks.

Easy adjusting and maximum flexibility

The EMU system is literally the most flexible fall arrest access system – not only can it be setup by a single qualified person – but can also be positioned and rotated into awkward positions. Hook yourself up, get the work down and move it back to the shop – simple.

Passive Fall Protection – Guard Rails and Self-Closing Ladder Safety Gates

Elevate Safety with Our Guardrails and Safety Rails: Our durable guardrails and safety rails are engineered for superior protection.

Anchorage Connectors

Often overlooked but critical to any personal fall arrest system – the anchor is what provides support to your system in case of a fall. Anchor are categorized based on the structure being attached to – ranging from: wooden rooftopsconcrete columns or steel I-beams.

Full Body Harnesses

Elevate Safety with Full Body Harnesses: Our full body harnesses are the cornerstone of personal fall protection, offering a secure and comfortable solution for workers at elevated heights. Engineered with precision and constructed from high-quality materials, our harnesses provide reliable support and peace of mind.

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Think you know the ABC’s?

Effective fall protection requires a combination of products working together- hence the ABC’s of fall protection.

  • Anchors are the secure point of attachment.
  • Body Support is the device worn by the user.
  • Connectors connect the Anchor to the Body Support.

For more complex fall arrest systems or unique challenges:

  • Descent and Rescue equipment for emergency plans or confined space entry/retrieval.
  • Education minimizes potential for injury and maximizes productivity of fall arrest equipment.
  • Fall Protection for Tools eliminates dropped object hazards.
  • Guardrail systems passively protect both employees and public.