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SecuraSpan Pour-in-Place

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The SecuraSpan™ POUR-IN-PLACE HLL System installs directly into concrete column tops and provide seamless overhead attachment across large horizontal work areas.

The system can be setup in three easy steps:

  1. First a sleeve is embedded into a concrete column top.
  2. Next a stanchion (or pole) is inserted into the embedded sleeve.
  3. Finally a lifeline assembly can be strung between the 2 (or more) to create a continuous point of attachment.

Complete systems include two posts (7400203), cable assembly, tensioner and energy absorber.

SecuraSpan™ POUR-IN-PLACE Features
  • Complete system: 2 Posts, concrete sleeve and (20ft. – 60ft.) cable assembly.
  • Works with EZ-Line Retractable HLL.
  • 3/8″ (9.5mm) 7×19 galvanized cable lifeline.
  • Installs into embedded sleeves on concrete columns.
  • Can be picked up, moved and re-setup wherever.
  • For use with single and multi-span configurations.
  • Provides a secure point of attachment across a wide horizontal work area.
  • Energy absorber limits falling forces to safe levels.
  • Flexible system supports up to 6 workers, 2 per span.
  • SecuraSpan™ POUR-IN-PLACE system sold in different lengths and modular components.
  • Each system includes a post that slides into the embed sleeve and does not require “tie-back”.
  • Equipped with 3M™ Connected Safety ID (CSID)

Attaching a connector to the system would allow for COMPLETE protection and hands-free mobility.

SecuraSpan™ POUR-IN-PLACE Components