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Sky Anchor

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360-degree Mast Rotation

The sky anchor provides a secure overhead point of attachment for easy tie-off while working on elevated platforms. The anchor can range from 15ft. up to 23ft. in height. One of the coolest features of the sky anchor is the 360-degree rotating mast.

Why? Because 360-degrees of rotation is so nonrestrictive that the attached users typically forget its there. At the base of the anchor is a pair of fold-able handles, allowing the user to easily rotate the anchor to the working position

use sky anchor bases to support the sky anchor

Every anchor needs a base

The sky anchor is collapsible and can be moved between job sites, but a sky anchor must be inserted into a base so that it can support the weight of a user. The bases are permanently mounted to the ground and range from top floor, flush floor and even sleeves. The anchor is than bolted into the base and VOILA, your all good to go. The anchor can be left there for all eternity or just until the job is done. Install a base everywhere you want a sky anchor.

Top floor mount – Bolt-in installation to concrete/steel floors8530210
Core mount sleeve – Slips into 4 in. concrete or steel core hole8530314
Flush floor mount – Bolt or weld to steel floors8530162*