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EMU Systems

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Easy to setup, position and reposition.

The EMU system can be put together by a single (qualified) individual, the mast inserted into the base and then picked up by your favorite large tractor capable of moving more than 5000 lbs. The base features forklift pockets in each side, making it quite easy to position in narrow spaces like between two semi-trucks.


Easy adjusting and maximum flexibility

The EMU system is literally the most flexible fall arrest access system – not only can it be setup by a single qualified person – but can also be positioned and rotated into awkward positions. Hook yourself up, get the work down and move it back to the shop – simple.



Don’t forget your base!

Your 21′ fixed-height EMU system will need a base. The base provides the counterweight for the system and simply slides into base to attach. Each base includes forklift pockets on each side, making it easy to move around the compound. Bases are sold with or without the 5,000 lbs of cement, and can include an extender pole.


Build your own EMU System

build your own flexigaurd EMU system by choseing a base, jib, and accessories to create the perfect portable fall arrest solution

Configure your very own EMU system for a completely optimized fall arrest solution for indoor and outdoor maintenance. There are fixed height solutions, adjustable jibs available in different ranges and many base options.

ImageItemInstallation Type
3M™ DBI-SALA® Flexiguard™ Jib Fixed Height Mast Anchor 8530571, 1 User, Yellow, 21 ft 3M Product Number 8530571, 3M ID 70007600318 - EMU™ fixed height jib with 21 ft. (6.4 m) anchor height.SKU: 8530571 – Fixed-height EMU system – 21 ft. fall arrest system with 5 ft. offset mastInstalls into permanent or temporary base
3M™ DBI-SALA® Flexiguard™ Jib Adjustable Height Mast Anchor 8530557, 1 User, Yellow, 10 – 15 ft 3M Product Number 8530557, 3M ID 70007499125Adjustable EMU system – Adjustable-height jib system with 7ft. offset

10 ft.-15 ft. (3.05 m-4.57 m) – 8530557
13 ft.-20 ft. (3.96 m-6.10 m) – 8530558
15 ft.-25 ft. (4.57 m-7.62 m) – 8530559
15 ft.-25 ft. (4.57 m-7.62 m) – 8530538

Installs into permanent or temporary base
SKU: 8530564 – Flexiguard Jib Flush Floor Mount Base – Bolted into concrete surfacesPermanent installation
SKU: 8530565 – Flexiguard Jib Top Floor Mount Base – Concrete floor base for EMU System – Bolted into concrete surfacesPermanent installation
3M™ DBI-SALA® FlexiGuard™ Jib Base Counterweight 8530621, Yellow Zinc, 1 EA 3M Product Number 8530621, 3M ID 70007499349 - Counterweight EMU™ base for flat surfaces, add your own concrete for 5,000 lbs. (2,268 kg) anchor.SKU: 8530566 – Flexiguard Jib counterweight base – 5000 lb. portable base for EMU systemPortable Installation
3M™ DBI-SALA® Flexiguard™ Jib Counterweight Base Stabilizing Jack Kit 8530563, Yellow 3M Product Number 8530563, 3M ID 70007600284SKU: 8530563 – Stabilizing Jack Kit for Flexiguard Base – Jack leveling kit for uneven surfacesPermanent installation onto 8530566 counterweight base.