Aluminum Ladder Safety Gate – For Corrosive Environments – Passive fall protection safety gate – PS DOORS LSG-ALU


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  • Self-closing swing gate – Gate is always in place, ready to prevent a fall from elevated platforms and ladder-ways.
  • Easy to install – The gate can be installed in just minutes using just a wrench and socket.
  • Fully assembled – Ships fully assembled with mounting hardware for round railings ( > 2″ O.D.) and square tubing ( > 1.5″ x 1.5″ O.D.).
  • OSHA & ANSI Compliant – PS DOORS ladder safety gate meets OSHA 1910.28, 1910.29, ANSI A1264.1 & A14.3.
  • Optional Lockup Kit – The Lock-out Kit prevents unauthorized access to restricted areas, mezzanines and platforms.
  • Optional stand-off mount – Include the LSG-STNDOFF to provide personnel a grip spot and 7″ of foot clearance to platform edge.
  • Optional adapter brackets – If mounting to angle iron, flat bar or nonstandard railing, use a no-drill adapter bracket.
  • Other certifications Please click here to to learn about compliance with certification requirements outside of the U.S.A. 
LSG-18-ALU - 16-3/4” to 20-1/2” // LSG-18
in stock
LSG-21-ALU - 19-3/4” to 23-1/2” // LSG-21
in stock
LSG-24-ALU - 22-3/4” to 26-1/2” // LSG-24
in stock
LSG-27-ALU - 25-3/4” to 29-1/2” // LSG-27
in stock
LSG-30-ALU - 28-3/4” to 32-1/2” // LSG-30
in stock
LSG-33-ALU - 31-3/4” to 35-1/2” // LSG-33
in stock
LSG-36-ALU - 34-3/4” to 38-1/2” // LSG-36
in stock
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EdgeHalt Aluminum Ladder Safety Gate

Your employees are your greatest asset, and every time they use a ladder in your facility, they put themselves at risk. Fortunately, the OSHA- and ANSI-compliant EdgeHalt Aluminum Ladder Safety Gate from PS Safety Access provides proven protection, minimizing the chances of a fall on elevated platforms, mezzanines or ladderways. This self-closing swing gate provides 42″ top- and mid-rail protection to help ensure that your employees go home safe each night.


safety gate prevents falls from ladders and other elevated platforms and mezzanines.

Protects employees from dangerous falls

The ladder safety gate is a self-closing swing gate designed to minimize the chance of falling from an elevated platform or access point. Ladder safety gates are ideal for elevated access points with heavy foot traffic. The gate acts as passive fall protection, always in place and ready to catch someone experiencing a fall. PS DOORS ladder safety gates are ANSI & OSHA compliant for top and mid-rail height requirements.



Easy installation

PS DOORS ladder safety gate ships fully assembled and includes mounting hardware. Installation requires a wrench, 1/2″ socket  and just a few moments of time. Standard mounting hardware compatible with round pipe ( <= 2″ O.D.) and square tubing (<= 1.5″ O.D.).

No-drill adapter brackets can be used for angle iron, flat bar or nonstandard railings.

Optional Adapter Brackets

PS DOORS ladder safety gates include standard mounting hardware compatible for round and square railing systems. No-drill adapter brackets (sold separately) can be used for mounting to angle iron, flat or non-standing railings.

Please note: When using an adapter kit, add an additional 1.25″ your minimum and 2″ to the maximum of your opening’s width.

Model SizeFits opening ( No bracket )Fits opening ( w /bracket )
LSG-1816-3/4″ – 20-1/2″18″ – 22-1/2″
LSG-2119-3/4″ – 23-1/2″21″ – 25-1/2″
LSG-2422-3/4″ – 26-1/2″24″ – 28-1/2″
LSG-2725-3/4″ – 29-1/2″27″ – 31-1/2″
LSG-3028-3/4″ – 32-1/2″30″ – 34-1/2″
LSG-3331-3/4″ – 35-1/2″33″ – 37-1/2″
LSG-3634-3/4″ – 38-1/2″36″ – 40-1/2″

Additional information

Weight21 lbs
Dimensions21 × 6 × 28 in


Aluminum (ALU)

Opening Size

13-3/4” to 17-1/2” // LSG-15, 16-3/4” to 20-1/2” // LSG-18, 19-3/4” to 23-1/2” // LSG-21, 22-3/4” to 26-1/2” // LSG-24, 25-3/4” to 29-1/2” // LSG-27, 28-3/4” to 32-1/2” // LSG-30, 31-3/4” to 35-1/2” // LSG-33, 34-3/4” to 38-1/2” // LSG-36, 38-3/4” to 42-1/2” // LSG-40, 42-3/4” to 46-1/2” // LSG-44, 46-3/4” to 50-1/2” // LSG-48


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