6160030 – Lad-Saf Detachable Sleeve – Fits 9.5mm(3/8″) & 8mm steel cable – Install and detach anywhere on lifeline – Carabiner to harness – 3M DBI-SALA

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  • Cable sleeve for lad-saf safety system
  • Sleeve follows user for easier climbing
  • Easy to install and detach from cable
  • Independent dual-locking system
  • Carabiner attachment to harness
  • For use on 9.5mm & 8mm steel cable
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Sleeve with carabiner, dual independent locking system, fits 3/8″ (9.5 mm)diameter 1×7 solid core or 7×19 aircraft cable and 5/16″ (8 mm) cable.

Lad-saf Detatchable Sleeve

The Lad-saf X2 sleeve attaches the user to the lifeline and follows as they ascend/descend. The X2 features a dual-locking system which allows constant attachment to a harness while simultaneously gliding along the lifeline.

Once attached the sleeve does not require additional handling from the user.

  • Traveller for Lad-Saf VLL system
  • For use on 9.5mm and 8mm diameter steel cable
  • Mobile design allows sleeve to be easy to transport and install
  • Easy to use – Install and detach along any point of the lifeline
  • Built-in energy absorber helps to reduce falling forces to safe levels
  • Saflok steel carabiner provides secure connection to user harness
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Precise, compact and lightweight design


Vertical Lifelines

Vertical lifeline systems allow a person to climb a great height without putting themselves at risk.

In simple terms, a vertical lifeline system consists of a top and bottom bracket installed onto a ladder. Strung between the brackets is a cable lifeline that spans the entire length of the ladder. Attached to the lifeline is a sleeve - the sleeve simply follows the user as she goes up and down the ladder.

If the user falls, the sleeve locks up to prevent dropping more than a few feet.

In short - vertical lifelines systems are ideal for extremely tall ladder ways with alot of foot traffic.


Additional information

Weight2.60 lbs
Dimensions4.7 × 1.3 × 6 in


310 lbs. (141 kg)

Hook type to Harness



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