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PRO™ Stretch lanyards are an economical approach to fall protection lanyards. Stretch lanyards offer greater freedom of movement by expanding and contracting from 4.5ft. up to 6ft. in response to the worker attached.

PRO Stretch shock absorbing lanyards
  • Economical
  • Built with corrosion resistant materials
  • STRETCHES in reaction to your movements
  • Expands from 4.5ft up to 6ft. in length
  • Internal shock absorber reduces falling forces to safe levels
  • Self-locking snap hooks are easy to use (even wearing gloves)
  • Polyester webbing is resistant to abrasion, cuts and chemical deterioration.

PRO™ Stretch lanyards are lightweight, compact and easy to transport between job sites. Each lanyard is built by a globally recognized manufacturer with over 30 years in the fall protection game. Materials used are of the highest built quality, composed on corrosion resistant parts and are specifically built to withstand the harshest working conditions.

If a fall occurs, the inner core of the lanyard begins will over-expand to compensate dangerous falling forces. Damaged lanyards are quickly identified thanks to the very obvious impact indicator.