ExoFit NEX

  • ExoFit NEX – Oil and Gas Positioning/Climbing Harness – Front, Back & Side D-rings – 18-inch d-ring extension – Rigid seat sling – Tongue buckle legs – Connection for 1003221 derrick belt

  • ExoFit NEX Arc Flash Positioning/Climbing Harness – Front, back & side D-rings – Nomex/Kevlar FR webbing – Arc flash rated – Leather insulators

  • ExoFit NEX Arc Flash Tower Climbing Harness – Back, Front & Side D-rings, QC/QC

  • ExoFit NEX Oil and Gas Positioning/Climbing Harness, (18-inch) d-ring extension – Front, back & side D-rings – Tongue-buckle leg straps – for use w/ 1000570 derrick

  • ExoFit NEX Rope Access/Rescue Harness – Back, front & side D-rings – Belt w/ Padding – Equipment loops – Quick-connect chest & leg straps

  • ExoFit NEX Rope Access/Rescue Harness – Front, Back, Side & Suspension D-rings – Belt w/ pad – Quick-connect Buckles – Shoulder, back and leg comfort padding

  • ExoFit NEX Tower Climbing Harness – Front & back D-rings – Seat sling w/ suspension D-rings – Quick-connect buckles

  • ExoFit NEX Vest-Style Positioning Harness – Back & side d-rings – Quick-connect

  • ExoFit NEX Vest-Style Positioning/Climbing Harness – Front, back & side d-rings – Quick-connect

  • ExoFit STRATA Vest-Style Positioning Harness – Back & Side D-rings – EZ-link SRL adaptor – Quick-connect

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    DBI-SALA ExoFIT NEX Harness

    ExoFit NEX harnesses are the most advanced in the industry. They are the combined experience of over 30 years, inventing, innovating and redesigning the product until it is perfect. True to the mission of 3M™ DBI-SALA®, these harnesses are manufactured using ultra-lightweight materials to maximize user comfort.

    ExoFit NEX harnesses are the go-to harness when it comes to speed and efficiency. These harnesses provide a revolutionary sense of freedom and user confidence to maximize your potential. ExoFit NEX harnesses are built to last, using only the highest quality, lightweight materials to provide ultimate comfort, function and durability.

    • Moisture wicking padding on shoulder, back and legs
    • Rigid belt loops prevent equipment pouches from sagging and reduce abrasion
    • Aluminum D-rings minimizes a users load to save on energy, morale and maximize productivity.
    • Spring-loaded stand up back D-ring allows users to stop wasting time re-adjusting.
    • Repel webbing is resistant to moisture, preventing mold and dirt.