Self-rescue Training Unit – Allows up to 20 descents for training – 30 ft. of 5.5 mm rope – Assisted rescue ring – Sealed descent device w/ rope spool – 3M DBI-SALA 3320037

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FREE YOURSELF to train regularly.

This 30 ft. self-rescue training unit simulates a realistic fall rescue experience, allowing your teams to get hands-on-experience with the product.

It’s easy to rewind the rope on-site, so you can train your team up to 20 times before re-certification of the device will be required.

We are experiencing long lead times for this product due to a manufacturer recall.  Please click here to learn more about the recall. 

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30 ft (9.1m) self rescue training unit, self contained nylon pack with molded padding.


  • Universal harness attachment compatible with all 3M DBI-SALA harnesses
  • EZ-Link D-ring allows for quick connections
  • Available in either 50ft. or 100ft. descent models
  • Completely sealed device with rope spool - Long lasting design extends usefulness of self-rescue device
  • Lightweight, low-profile design allows the user to forget its even there
  • In the event of a fall, the self-rescue device can be activated to initiate a slow, controlled descent back to earth
  • A self-rescue is the most reliable rescue you'll ever rely on.
  • Simple, fast and effective rescue plan
  • Allows a dangling worker to free herself


An entire self-rescue team - in a pack.
Rescue yourself. There's no time to hang around for a team to gear up. Pull the strap and descend to safety.

Slim-profile design - 9x19 dims
A lightweight nylon pack with either 50' or 100' of rope ready to deploy and safely lower you to the ground should you fall.



Extend your reach, or get help from a friend.
If you were incapacitated, you would need help from a friend to deploy your self-rescue unit. Assisted rescue ring allows a colleague to deploy your device by remote.

Friends nearby? Extend their reach with 4ft. - 16 ft. adjustable rescue pole.

Detachable self rescue system, self contained nylon pack with molded padding.

Independence in-a-pack

3M DBI-SALA Self rescue system -


A small self-rescue system you wear on your back, you fall, you activate the device and you are safely lowered to the ground.

3M DBI-SALA Self Rescue - 50 ft. or 100 ft. self rescue pack.50ft - 3320030
100ft - 3320031
3M DBI-SALA Self Rescue Training Kit - Allows up to 20 descents for training3320037
3M DBI-SALA Rescue/extension Pole - 2.16" - 8.5" telescoping pole with large hook8900299


Additional information

Weight4.70 lbs
Dimensions19 × 7 × 2.5 in


310 lbs. (140 kg)

Overall Length

30 ft. (9.14m)


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