Mobi Lok Sayfline Horizontal Lifeline System for use the Vacuum Anchor on Aircraft

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  • Includes: lifeline, tensioner, energy absorber and two 6ft. anchors
  • 11/16″ kernmantle rope lifeline
  • Supports a max of 2 workers
  • Lifeline lengths from 20ft. to 100ft.
  • Equipped with 3M Connected Safety ID (CSID)
  • Use with any 5,000 lb. (22.2 kN) anchorage device
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60 ft. (15.2m) kernmantle rope horizontal lifeline system with tensioner, energy absorber. For the Mobi Lok vacuum anchor system.

  • 11/16″ kernmantle rope lifeline
  • Internal rotating tensioner allows for quick and easy setup
  • Built-in energy absorber limits fall arrest forces to safe levels
  • Flexible system capable of supporting up to two workers
  • Lightweight, portable and user friendly

Extremely lightweight horizontal lifeline systems which prioritize portability- they are lightweight and easy to move from one job site to another. Sayfline cable systems are well-suited for harsh environments  where minimal clearance exists.

Including a kernmantle rope lifeline, tensioner, two energy absorbers, and a convenient carrying bag, this fall-protection kit has everything you need to tie off to a DBI-SALA Mobi-Lok  Vacuum Anchor Lifeline System. Made from durable yet lightweight materials, this horizontal lifeline equipment is meant to be portable so you can easily transport it from one job to the next. 


Aviation industry vacuum anchor lifeline system for smooth surfaces

3M DBI-SALA Vacuum anchor system

The vacuum anchor provides a tie-off point on smooth non-porous surfaces like airplanes, ships and deep-sea oil wells. The system includes numerous safety checks and audible warnings to prevent malfunction. Sold in variations, some models include EPDM rubber seals for precious surfaces like a jumbo jet.


Use with Horizontal lifeline system

The vacuum anchor system can be sold with an optional secondary pad and used to create an HLL system across large horizontal work areas. Horizontal lifeline kit sold seperately.


Use with airline or compressed gas cylinder

The vacuum system is sold with and without and optional gas cylinder hook up. By purchasing the gas cylinder model, you get freedom in where you plant the anchor.


Provides a tie-off point on smooth surfaces

Mobi-lok system includes a convenient tie-off point for large smooth surfaces like ships, oil wells, airplanes.


Audible alarms and safety valves

To prevent malfunction, the vacuum system has baked-in safety features to prevent loss of power and warn individuals when things go awry. Even if you remove the line, suction temporarily remains. Loud warnings and visual aids minimize the chance for improper use. Users should be properly trained when using the system.


Optional EDPM rubber for aviation applications

The aviation industry should consider the model with the EDPM rubber pads to prevent any damage to the surface of the structure (plane) being attached to.

Vacuum Anchor Pads
ImageItemAviation, Shop Air onlyAviation, Shop Air + GasGI - Shop Air onlyGI - Shop Air + Gas
Primary Pad2200107220010822000942200095
Secondary Pad2200109-2200096-
Vacuum anchor accessories
3M™ DBI-SALA® Secondary Pad Air Hose 2200130 3M Product Number 2200130, 3M ID 7000745295950ft. shop air hose line - Rectus 21 mini industrial couplings2200130
Compressed Gas Cylinder, Air or Nitrogen – 48 cubic inch / 3,000 psi2200085
3M™ DBI-SALA® Sayfline™ Synthetic Horizontal Lifeline System 2200400 1 eaSayfline HLL Kit - Includes: lifeline, tensioner, tie-off adaptors and carrying bag.2200400

Horizontal Lifelines (HLL)

Horizontal lifelines are more than a mere line connected between 2+ anchors, it is a secure attachment point for users working across a large horizontal surface. These systems are used to protect workers operating in the horizontal plane who may not have continuous access to suitable anchorage points.

Choosing the right horizontal lifelines depends on:
  • The attachment structure - like I-beam, rebar stub, concrete, column or roof/
  • Lifeline material type - Synthetic lines are extremely lightweight and compact while galvanized or stainless steel options offer added corrosion and abrasion resistance and typically require less fall clearance.
  • Your clearance requirements - The distance between the work area and the next level or obstruction is often called “fall clearance,”
  • Number of users - Systems are available for one, two, and even up to six workers depending upon your job-site needs.

In short - horizontal lifelines allow users to move across large work areas while remaining connected to a continuous system.


Additional information

Weight14.1 lbs
Dimensions18 × 13 × 13 in

Horizontal Lifeline Span Type


Max Number of Users

2 Workers Max

Lifeline Material

Kernmantle Rope


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