M200 Lifting Ring Kit – Enables M200 counterweight box to be moved with overhead lifting equipment – 3M DBI-SALA Flexiguard 8530777


Attention: Product has a 30 day leadtime and is expected to ship in 30 business days.

  • For moving M200 counterweights – Lifting rings make it easier to transport M100 counterweight base with heavy lifting equipment.
  • Improved Mobility – Maximized mobility increases utility for use in new locations.
  • Corrosion Resistant – Rugged steel base finished with green anti-corrosion power coating.

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Confined spaces are hard.

No two job sites are the same but many have one thing in common - Confined Space.

So how do you know if your worksite has one?

Confined spaces...
  • are large enough so that a human can enter and perform assigned task
  • have limited or restricted access
  • not assigned for continuous use by personnel

Some confined spaces require special permits to access due to safety concerns such as engulfment, entrapment or asphyxiation.

Confined spaces greater than 5 ft. require:
  • all occupants wear a fall arrest harness
  • and a mechanical rescue system be ready for use in case of need.

This rule applies to all non-classified confined spaces.

ABC's of Confined Spaces

A simple way to think about confined space solutions...

Anchors (a)

Anchors Davit systems, tripods and portable fall arrest posts are solutions where the worker’s fall protection connector will be attached and is the main source of retrieval for the attendee.

Confined space solutions need to be anchored to a structure and are what the connector (c) attaches to. Anchors are:

  • Davit systems
  • Tripods
  • Portable fall arrest systems

Body Support (b)

Body Support Harnesses and work seats are two types of solutions that are designed to support the weight of the worker’s body.

Body support refers to what is supporting the users weight, usually in form of:

  • Full body harnesses
  • Work seats

Connectors (c)

Connectors Winches and retrieval SRL's are the most common type of connector for confined spaces.

Connectors are the "middle-man" between the anchor and the body support - most commonly:

  • Winches
  • Retrieval SRL's

EMU Systems

The versatility of the EMU system makes it the most cost-effective access system on the market. Choose your base, move into position and vertically adjust with hand-crank wheel per job site.

3M™ DBI-SALA® FlexiGuard™ Adjustable Height Box Frame System 8530288, 1 EA 3M Product Number 8530288, 3M ID 70007498119

Framed Access Systems

Framed access systems are designed to provide fall arrest on large elevated platforms without the needed for large counterweights. Easy to move with two bar or service vehicle.

Supported ladder systems

Ladder access systems make it easy for 1-2 works to reach an elevated platform with little effort. Ladder systems include stabilizing jacks and gliding anchors points.

Sky Anchor

The sky anchor is a simple, portable overhead anchor suitable for temporary or permanent installation. The mast can rotate of a full 360-degrees and adjusted with folding handles at base.

SafRig System

The SafRig is a counterweight jib system, suitable for use with counterweight or outrigger bases. Ideal for areas of work with limited space, the small frame is easy to pick up and move.

Additional information

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 6 in


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