Knock-Down Disposable Roof Anchor (12 Pack) – For sloped or flat wooden roofs – Fast and easy nail installation – Stamped design is bent to fit roof – 3M PROTECTA 2103680

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  • For sloped / flat roofs – Installs to sloped or flat wooden roofs – easy to install and remove
  • Easy installation – Place the hinge atop the wooden roof truss and screw or nail into place – pull out when done
  • Disposable – Roof anchors are a stamped design intended to be bent into place and disposed of after use
  • Steel D-ring – High strength steel D-ring with provides a secure point of attachment for connection to personal fall arrest system
  • Portable – Lightweight and compact hinged rooftop anchor is easy to transport, install and remove between job sites.
  • 12 Pack – Sold in packs of 12
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Reusable hinged roof anchor

3M DBI-SALA 2103680 – A reusable hinged roof top anchor with D-ring provides a secure tie-off point on flat or sloped wooden rooftops. Installation is simple – a nail or screw – which can be removed after the job is finished.

The 2103680 rooftop anchor is constructed of high strength steel with anti-corrosion finishing; the anchor is lightweight and easy to transport between job sites.

This reusable rooftop anchor is a stamped design – it sits at the top of roofs and is bent to fit roof – See instructions here.


Wooden Rooftop Anchors

Getting up on a residential rooftop to make repairs or renovations may seem simple – but we all know someone who has fallen. Don’t underestimate the fall just because its not a skyscraper or bridge – falls from any height can cause serious injury.

By investing in a roof anchor, lanyard and harness – you are creating a safe environment for your people to work. When a worker feels safe, they work with confidence – improving morale and productivity. Beyond all the safety and production bonuses – if someone takes one wrong step – worse case scenario; they find themselves safely swinging in mid-air.

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Anchorage connectors

Often overlooked but critical to any personal fall arrest system - the anchor is what provides support to your system in case of a fall. Anchor are categorized based on the structure being attached to - ranging from: wooden rooftops, concrete columns or steel I-beams.

Your anchor can be a permanent installation meant for reoccurring jobs like maintenance and inspection work - or reusable and ideal for crews moving job to job. All anchors must provide a secure point of attachment to a personal fall arrest system and be capable of supporting 5,000 lbs. / or meet the OSHA 2:1 safety factor.

Additional information

Weight14 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 6 in

Anchor Installation Type



Construction, General Industrial, Mining, Oil & Gas


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