X100 Vest-Style Harness – Back & Front D-ring – Tongue-buckle leg straps – Pass-thru chest buckle – 3M DBI-SALA 1107800 Lad Saf Harness

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Size Guide
  • Fixed back D-ring with front D-ring for use on ladder systems
  • Tongue-buckle leg straps
  • Pass-thru chest connections
  • Built-in lanyard keepers
  • Protected label & equipped with i-Safe
  • Great harness for use with the Lad Saf Ladder Safety System
  • Weight Capacity: 420  lbs.
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Front & back D-ring, tongue buckle leg straps (size Large).

  • Built-in Impact indicators highlight any damage to the harness, allowing for quick and easy inspections prior to each use
  • The protected labels allow for long-term identification and inspection of the harness
  • The chest features a Velcro cover that protects the harness labels and holds and i-Safe Identification Tag. i-Safe allows for quick and easy digital storage of inspection information that can be seen with any IOS or Android device.
  • No-tangle design allows the user to quickly remove or don the harness in mere seconds
  • Resistant to corrosion, water damage and abrasion
  • Built-in lanyard keepers with break-away feature
  • Excellent harness for use with the Lad Saf Cable Ladder System system
Climbing harness falling protection

Climbing Harnesses

Climbing harnesses are designed for people who work at great heights - and climb up using a ladder.

Thing is, ladder work can be a bit awkward which is why climbing harnesses include a front D-ring for connection to a ladder climbing system.

Ladder climbing systems allow professionals to climb/descend quickly without worrying about the fall (the system will protect you!)

If you are looking for a ladder climbing system - we recommend the Lad-Saf system.


Vertical Lifelines

Vertical lifeline systems allow a person to climb a great height without putting themselves at risk.

In simple terms, a vertical lifeline system consists of a top and bottom bracket installed onto a ladder. Strung between the brackets is a cable lifeline that spans the entire length of the ladder. Attached to the lifeline is a sleeve - the sleeve simply follows the user as she goes up and down the ladder.

If the user falls, the sleeve locks up to prevent dropping more than a few feet.

In short - vertical lifelines systems are ideal for extremely tall ladder ways with alot of foot traffic.


DBI-SALA Delta Harnesses

Old school fall protection nerds nostalgically refer to the delta as the "Workhorse" of the industry. These harnesses have been championing game-changing advancements in the fall protection industry from corrosion resistant coated hardware to water repellent webbing.

The triangular shape of the harness facilitates easy wearing and prevents any annoying tangles. Higher-end models of the Delta include comfort padding along the shoulder, back and neck.

The features
  • No-tangle design allows you to throw it in the truck or quickly put on.
  • Stand-up back D-ring for connection to a lanyard - stops you from falling.
  • Repel webbing is soft, machine washable and stain resistant.
  • Lanyard keepers provide an easy spot to 'park' lanyards until ready for use.
  • Impact indicator allows for quick inspections before a job.
  • Protected labels for long term identification.


Additional information

Weight5.85 lbs
Dimensions6 × 8 × 10 in

Product Family



Front and back


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