Adjustable C-frame fall arrest system – Adjustable overhead rail with 2 trolleys – 16 in. Pneumatic wheels – 2 user max capacity – Built-in leveling jacks – 3M DBI-SALA Flexiguard


  • C-frame fall arrest system -Wheeled C-frame with aluminum extruded rails with 2 trolleys for attachment
  • Sold in different anchor height ranges – Stocked in ranges of (12.5 ft. – 19 ft.), (17.5 ft. – 28.75 ft.) & (22.5 ft. – 38.75 ft.).
  • Sold in different rail widths – Provides the two users (max) lots of room to move around which remaining tied-off to the system
  • Two user max – System supports up to 2 workers. Each worker with all gear cannot exceed 310 lbs.
  • Portable fall arrest system – 16″ Pneumatic wheels are very helpful in moving, and repositioning the system.
  • Corrosion resistant hardware – Zinc plated steel with corrosion resistant powder coating ideal for large indoor spaces (its huge) or outdoors.
SKU: 3m-8517701-8517705-8517707-8517709-8517711-8517713 Categories: ,
8517707 - 17.5 ft.-28.75 ft., 15 ft.
in stock
8517705 - 12.5 ft. - 19 ft., 20 ft.
in stock
8517701 - 12.5 ft. - 19 ft., 10 ft.
in stock
8517709 - 17.5 ft.-28.75 ft., 20 ft.
in stock
8517711 - 22.5 ft.-38.75 ft., 15 ft.
in stock
8517713 - 22.5 ft.-38.75 ft., 20 ft.
in stock
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C-Frame adjustable height rail system sold in different anchor heights and rail widths.

  • Versatile fall arrest system for working at heights
  • Can be pulled with two bar or service vehicle
  • Built-in leveling gauge
  • Overhead sliding anchor points for two users
  • Rigid rail design
  • Rear has 16″ foam filled, front is 8″ urethane swiveling and locking wheel assemblies

Adjustable fall arrest system

The FlexiGuard C-frame system provides max flexibility by adjusting the anchor point to fit the application. Adjust anchor height by simply cranking a wheel.

Each system offers a different range of anchor heights:

  • 12ft – 19ft
  • 17ft – 29ft
  • 22ft. to 39 ft.



Portable C-frame fall arrest system

Literally all it takes to move this beautiful feat of fall arrest engineering is a guy and a tow bar (or vehicle). The 16″ pneumatic wheels allow the system to simply glide to where it is needed. Simply fantastic for use in large open areas like aircraft hangers, vehicle depots or outdoors.



Aluminum extruded rail with 2 sliding anchor points

The C-frame fall arrest system provides the user a bounty of free space to work while remaining a 100% tie-off while working at height. The aluminum extruded rail is sold in widths of 10ft. 15ft or 20ft. The rail itself is forged from high-strength non-corrosive materials for long lasting, low maintenance use.

The rail includes two sliding anchor points for each user to tie-off and can support a max of 310 lbs.

EMU Systems

The versatility of the EMU system makes it the most cost-effective access system on the market. Choose your base, move into position and vertically adjust with hand-crank wheel per job site.

3M™ DBI-SALA® FlexiGuard™ Adjustable Height Box Frame System 8530288, 1 EA 3M Product Number 8530288, 3M ID 70007498119

Framed Access Systems

Framed access systems are designed to provide fall arrest on large elevated platforms without the needed for large counterweights. Easy to move with two bar or service vehicle.

Supported ladder systems

Ladder access systems make it easy for 1-2 works to reach an elevated platform with little effort. Ladder systems include stabilizing jacks and gliding anchors points.

Sky Anchor

The sky anchor is a simple, portable overhead anchor suitable for temporary or permanent installation. The mast can rotate of a full 360-degrees and adjusted with folding handles at base.

SafRig System

The SafRig is a counterweight jib system, suitable for use with counterweight or outrigger bases. Ideal for areas of work with limited space, the small frame is easy to pick up and move.

Additional information

Mpn8517707, 8517705, 8517701, 8517709, 8517711, 8517713
Weight1650.00 lbs
Dimensions200 × 200 × 200 in


620 lbs. (281 kg)

Anchor Installation Type


Max Number of Users

2 Workers Max

Anchor Height

12.5 ft. – 19 ft., 17.5 ft.-28.75 ft., 22.5 ft.-38.75 ft.

Rail width

10 ft., 15 ft., 20 ft.


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