3M DBI-SALA ExoFit X300 Comfort Construction Positioning Safety Harness


  • Revolving Torso Adapters adjust harness fit with ease and speed and lock webbing into place to maintain a comfortable and safe harness fit
  • Equipped with anti-sliding dorsal D-ring pad to help greatly reduce dorsal D-ring slide
  • Integrated easy-link SRL adapter lets you quickly and easily connect and disconnect personal SRLs
  • Auto-locking quick connect buckles secure contact with webbing, reducing the need to readjust
  • Automatic stand-up D-ring (lightweight aluminum) enables efficient dorsal connections
  • Low-profile suspension trauma strap design integrated between harness webbing
  • Equipped with auto-resetting lanyard keepers for fast and easy parking of snap hooks and carabiners
  • 3M Connected Safety ID (RFID) integrated for simplified inventory, inspection, and record management

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The 3M DBI-SALA ExoFit X300 is designed for those who refuse to compromise. The X300 harnesses are outfitted with high-quality components that have been developed to enhance the safety, convenience and performance for working at height on your job site.

  • Built with 6,000 lbs polyester webbing
  • Robust nylon/polyester hybrid comfort padding with reflective 3M Scotchlite panels
  • Lightweight aluminum hardware. 

Additional information

Weight 6.45 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 9 in

D-ring Placement



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Harness Style

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Product Family

Mpn1113121-X300, 1113124-X300, 1113127-X300, 1113130-X300, 1113133-X300


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