Bitumin Membrane Roof Anchor – Single-ply bitumin membrane and built-up type roofs – Weather proof shrouding – 360-degree rotating D-ring – Compatible w/ Horizontal Lifeline – 3M DBI-SALA 2100142

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  • For bitumin membrane roofs – Installs to bitumin membrane and built-up type roofs
  • For flat or sloped roofs – Designed for use on flat or sloped (up to 3:12 pitch) roofs
  • 360-degree tie-off point – Swiveling D-ring allows connected user to move with complete range of movement.
  • Non-damaging – Unique load distributing design uncoils to minimize falling forces on the connected user while preventing major damage to rooftop.
  • Waterproof shroud – Includes waterproof shroud to prevent leakage and damage to rooftop.
  • Compatible with HLL – Use two or more roof post anchors to string up a horizontal lifeline for large at-height work areas.
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Bitumin Membrane Roof Anchor –  For single ply bitumin membrane & built-up type roofs

3M DBI-SALA 2100142 – Bitumin membrane roof anchor provides an easy tie-off point while working atop a bitumin membrane or built-up type roofs. These roof post anchors are particularly useful for specific roof types or if you intend on setting up a horizontal lifeline system.

The 2100142 rooftop anchor is designed for flat or sloped (up to 3:12 pitch) membrane or built-up roofs. The anchor fastens through membrane, insulation and into metal, wood or concrete. Unique load distributing system allows for the rooftop anchor to unwind to limit falling forces as well as prevent damage to standing seam roof.

360-degree swiveling D-ring provides the connected user a safe connection to the rooftop as well as relative freedom to move around as they work. Use two anchors to setup a horizontal lifeline system for very large rooftops with heavy foot traffic.

Roof Top Post Anchors

These anchors are ideal when you’ve spec them right into your job or you are looking to create a horizontal lifeline system. Each of the 3M DBI-SALA roof post anchors utilize a unique load distributing system which allows the post to “unwind” – instead of being ripped directly from the structure.

Certain anchors are built for specific roof types for example:

  • 2100133 – Attaches to metal, concrete and wooden roofs
  • 2100138 – Attaches to steel standing seam roofs
  • 2100139 – Attaches to standard membrane & other built-up type roofs
  • 2100140 – Attaches to PVC membrane
  • 2100142 – Attaches to bitumin membrane


Anchorage connectors

Often overlooked but critical to any personal fall arrest system - the anchor is what provides support to your system in case of a fall. Anchor are categorized based on the structure being attached to - ranging from: wooden rooftops, concrete columns or steel I-beams.

Your anchor can be a permanent installation meant for reoccurring jobs like maintenance and inspection work - or reusable and ideal for crews moving job to job. All anchors must provide a secure point of attachment to a personal fall arrest system and be capable of supporting 5,000 lbs. / or meet the OSHA 2:1 safety factor.

Additional information

Weight12.45 lbs
Dimensions16 × 16 × 9 in

Anchor Installation Type



Construction, General Industrial, Mining, Oil & Gas


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