Concrete Wedge Anchor – Installs into 3/4 in. (19mm) hole – Easy grip trigger – Quick release plug – Shielded release cables – 360-degree swiveling D-ring – 3M DBI-SALA 2100085

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  • For 3/4″ holes – Designed to be installed into 3/4″ (19mm) concrete holes.
  • Easy grip & release – Easy grip trigger is simple and effortless to use and quick-release plug uninstalls wedge anchor instantaneously
  • Vertical or Horizontal – Designed to be installed vertically into wall or horizontally into overhead in ceiling.
  • Reusable concrete anchor – Designed to be wedged into a hole, then released when anchor is no longer needed.
  • Easy tie-off point – The anchor provides users an easy tie-off point while working near potential falls.
  • Swiveling D-ring – D-ring allows for a full 360-degree of rotation – allowing the connected user to work without restrictions
  • Durable & long lasting – High strength steel & aluminum components with corrosion resistant finish
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Concrete wedge anchor for 3/4″ holes

The 3M DBI-SALA┬á2100085 concrete wedge anchor can be installed into 3/4″ (19mm) holes and provide a convenient spot to tie-off. The anchor is equipped with a easy-grip tripper and quick-release plug – making installation almost too easy.

The anchor is designed to be installed vertically in a wall or horizontally into a overhead ceiling. The load and chock release cables are shielded to protect against potentially damaging dirt, grime and dust.

The concrete wedge anchor is portable, reusable, lightweight and easy to transport between job-sites or store away when not needed. It is made from high-strength steel and aluminum with a long lasting anti-corrosion finish.


Anchorage connectors

Often overlooked but critical to any personal fall arrest system - the anchor is what provides support to your system in case of a fall. Anchor are categorized based on the structure being attached to - ranging from: wooden rooftops, concrete columns or steel I-beams.

Your anchor can be a permanent installation meant for reoccurring jobs like maintenance and inspection work - or reusable and ideal for crews moving job to job. All anchors must provide a secure point of attachment to a personal fall arrest system and be capable of supporting 5,000 lbs. / or meet the OSHA 2:1 safety factor.

Additional information

Weight0.85 lbs
Dimensions5.7 × 3 × 0.75 in

Anchor Installation Type



Construction, General Industrial, Mining


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