Leading edge lanyards

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Leading-edge lanyards

In short – leading edge lanyards are designed for foot level tie-off and are almost always constructed of steel cable to meet the ANSI Z359.14 standard for sharp edges.

What is a leading edge?

Imagine a worker installing decking on a new steel building. The worker is tied-off at foot level, but as she moves out and away from the anchor – the worker is exposed to a potential fall over the ledge or a “leading edge”.

What is a sharp-edge?

A sharp edge is an edge that is thin enough to cut through web lanyards and lifelines – the smaller the edge radius, the sharper the edge.

Sharp edges are found in many leading-edge applications where the edge is capable of damaging the lanyard on contact – for example typical I-beams have a edge radii ranging from .005″ to 0.32″.